Hand dyed yarn with Kool-Aid!

Yarn has always been my love!!! I love the colors, the smell, the textures and most of all the promise of something created. Lately, I have been on a dyeing kick. I bought a bunch of blanks from KnitPicks with the premise of teaching my grandchild how to dye yarn using Kool-Aid and the sun.

The box came and inside was over 50 hanks and 10 sock blanks of pure white heaven. Mackenzie had no idea what was in store for her. She was excited though, she was raring to go. I explained to her that she needed to pick some hanks and soak them for a half hour in some vinegar and water about a cup of vinegar to 4 cups of water. She started this while I mixed the Kool-Aid. she chose her colors and went outside. I had already setup a plastic garbage bag that I had cut down the side. I put the Kool-Aid in squeeze bottles for easy pouring options. I then told her that she was going to use a half of bottle of each color on each hank and let her go. She splashed the Kool-Aid around in a creative design of her making and when she was finished, I asked her to not move it around too much and cover it with the plastic bag and let it cook in the sun.

Mackenzie is now a yarn dyer. She asks everyday, can I dye yarn today. I love that the Kool-Aid is really just that easy and I do not have to worry about any chemicals to be mixing. This is something she can do by herself and not need much supervision. Since this day, she has dyed more yarn, she is actively learning about acid dyes now. Looking to add them to the shop soon. and as always, in showing her how to do these old ways, we keep the art alive.

I too have been dyeing yarn and have added most of them to the shop. Look for more to be added in the near future as we had a weekend of fun. This weekend is supposed to be a very hot weekend, there for getting our dollars worth of solar sun rays to cook the yarn a bit will be easy.


Lovely Little Bits Too

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