My name is Cathy, welcome to my blog and Etsy Store. My model is Mackenzie, she is my granddaughter and the love of my life. My journey began when my mother unexpectedly passed away, I realized that I only knew how to crochet and just the very basics. My favorite aunt did not know how, and she also lived a couple states over. I decided that I was going to find someone to help me and set out on a mission and the rest is history. I love crafting, pretty much all crafts, this page is dedicated to crafts of all sorts. I will not be limiting the style of items to just one or two. 

I have always loved crafts. I started out as a kid crocheting. In 2002, I started knitting and that was it, I was hooked 🙂 . From that point on I breathed yarn and everything to do with it, I learned how to Spin, dye and weave yarn. I opened a yarn store in 2005 and enjoyed 6 years in the store before the economy took it away. I closed June 1st 2012. I opened my online etsy store in 2012 and have loved it ever since. I have added quite a few more crafts to my belt since then, I love to can foods. I also have started making wood crafts and am still learning, so I will add to the list as we go.