My name is Cathy and I am the owner of Lovely Little Bits too on Etsy.

I am a Jill of all trades, my passion is yarn and anything to do with it. I am first and foremost a knitter. I also spin wool, dye wool, crochet and a little bit of felting. I also sew with my machine and I also have a serger. I love to quilt, but this is not very portable, so I do not do this as much as I would like to. Then there is soap making, candle making, bath bomb, lip balm, and oh, let’s not forget canning/pickling foods, As you can see to encompass all of these trades into one little store, I needed a name that allowed that. Cathy’s knitting corner or my real brick and mortar store name (Chics with Sticks) would not actually work for all the crafts that I do. Thus Lovely Little Bits is the name of my store here on the world wide internet.

History of me:

So I started crocheting when I was little, probably 10 or so. My grandmother could whip out a granny square blanket in about a week and I would watch her, I was never any good, only knew a few stitches and the tension was always all over the board. This went on for a few years and then BOYS… I got pregnant at a young age and decided to have a baby… Her name is Kayla Cathryn. During my whole pregnancy, I crochet blocks (not granny squares) and made her a blue, light blue and fuchsia baby blanket. I sewed them all together right before she was born. Pretty much, I never picked up yarn again after that. I had a baby, I went back to college, I got my degree and I started supporting said baby. Fast forward to 2002, Kayla is 15 years old and my mother dies. My grandmother had died when Kayla was about 6, so now I have no one to teach me the other stitches. My mom was also a knitter, knitting looked so much more intimidating and I was intrigued. Fast forward again to fall 2005, I am actively looking for someone to help me knit, for some reason it is just not clicking, I crochet a twin size afghan for my brother (that we all look at now and laugh at). I want to Knit!!!

I met this woman standing in line at a coffee shop, she was in front of me and had a huge bag of yarn and on the side were knitting needles poking out. I said to her off offhandedly, I really want to learn to knit and she replied without hesitation, get your coffee and come sit next to me. I was knitting by the time I left. She loaned me needles and yarn to get me started. We agreed to meet the next week and she would show me how to bind off. I left the coffee shop and drove straight to a craft store similar to Michael’s and bought some yarn and some needles of my own and started over the scarf that we had cast on. When I went back, I had the new project and it was finished, she showed me how to bind off and that started it all. We met at that coffee shop for a long time after that, other people started coming. She had started a knitting group. I loved it.

Guess what, 2006 I am going to be a grandma… I was 37 years old and not quite ready, but it was going to happen. I started knitting small stuff. I was (in my mind) still a beginner and I did not challenge myself. So I decided to make socks, and I went to a class at a local yarn store and made a baby sock. It took me forever to make the second on, they call this second sock syndrome. So I began hearing of a yarn store in San Jose who was teaching how to make 2 socks at the same time Magic loop. So I paid 30, to attend and in walks the same lady taught me how to knit. We laughed and she got to teaching and asked if anyone had any questions and I said Yes…. I need to know how to turn the heel. LOL, she said show me your socks, we haven’t even cast on yet. I pulled out of my bag, two socks and the were on the magic loop needles (40 inch long) and they were sitting there ready to turn the heel. She laughed and said you are going to have to wait for the rest of the class to catch up.She then turned to the class and said to them, you all need to understand, I taught Cathy to knit less than a year ago and she is already doing advanced patterns.

I went to work the next day and passing by a retail spot near my office, I saw it was now for rent. Everyone in my family was joking around with me about renting that space and putting in a little coffee shop. I laughed at them too and said no way, I am way too busy. One week later, I applied for the business license and signed the lease. I was the proud owner of Chics with Sticks. I started getting yarn in, getting everything going and they just seemed to fall into place. I loved that place, Mackenzie was born in Feb 2007, Mackenzie and I spent a lot of time there. This place was completely fenced in, so we put up a swing set for children, patio furniture so the parent could knit while the kids played. Things were great. Until 2012, when I had to close because the economy tanked.

I opened my Etsy Store, ChicswithSticksSC in June 2012. I added one items to it and it sat out there until it expired. I never added another one until Christmas 2013. It just so happened to be the same item from before, It sold, it was the strangest thing, it only had one picture, no description at all and no tags. So I do not know how it sold. I did not put anything else up again until Late October 2015. I decided that I was going to make the store work and really start working it. I added all the stuff I had made and had been storing in tubs. I had about 17 items up and Crickets… No sales.

Since, then I have learned a ton about everything Etsy. I have made 12 sales now and things are moving in the direction I want them to go. Etsy is in my blood, I have a very cute model, I am up to 62 items in the store. I add more everyday, some take longer to make than others and some don’t. I started spinning and dyeing yarn and added them to the store. I am selling my yarns at a farmers market in San  Jose every Saturday, you can comment if you would like to know where.

I will be adding more stuff, more crafts too. Life is good!

So check out the store, ask questions, I will always answer them.

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